In order to achieve the ambitious objectives, the research plan of EPC-TM net has been designed to systematically dissect the impact of different components of the tumour microenvironment on tumour progression within a set of five coordinated experimental Work Packages (WPs) as well as one administrative WP.


  • Each WP involves several of the partners, and most partners participate in several WPs.
  • Care has been taken to include major clinical partners that are among the leading clinical groups in Europe on all areas of pancreatic cancer clinical care such as pathology, gastrointestinal oncology and surgical oncology to ensure a rapid transfer into clinical applications and a clinical proof of principle.
  • In addition SME and pharmaceutical industry participate for the professional accomplishment of the experimental tasks aiming at the development and rapid clinical translation of novel therapeutic strategies.
  • The scientific work of EPC-TM net is supported by a work package focused on project management and administration.