Axcentua Pharmaceuticals
Karolinska Institute Science Park
Nobels Alle 10
14157 Stockholm


Project partner until March 31, 2013

Institute presentation

Axcentua Pharmaceuticals AB is an early clinical stage pharmaceutical company located at the Karolinska Institute Science Park, Stockholm, with an innovative approach to drug discovery and development of novel therapeutics. The focus of Axcentua is to develop proprietary small-molecule drugs derived from natural compounds .The core business idea and competitive advantage is to decrease drug development times and to reduce the risk for failure in pre-clinical and clinical development by using natural compounds with well documented effects using crystal screening and polymorph screens, patentable prescription drugs are rapidly developed from natural compounds.

Its first product, AXP107-11, is currently in Phase Ib clinical trials for the treatment of pancreatic cancer at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Sweden.